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Anyone Can Write - Volume I

 55 writings by child authors make up this magical anthology. Sweet, sad, funny, poignant. Read, enjoy, contribute.

This 119-page book is available for sale at Rs. 225/-.

Category: All ages

Publisher: Serene Woods

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 93-80-112-53-4

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No Dogs Please!

The story of a loving Dalmatian who thought he was a puppy all his life, and the impact he had on the family that adopted him - against all odds.

This 117-page book is available for sale at Rs. 199/-.

Category: All ages

Publisher: Serene Woods

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 93-80112-36-7

Available in Mumbai at: Oxford Bookstore, Oval Maidan and Strand Bookstall.

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"Where's your gun?" the camel asked in a choked rasp.

"G...gun? I...I don't have a gun," Tiki said.

"Then how will you shoot the tiger? Isn't that why you are here?"

"Oh no! I don't want to kill anything. I'm here on a visit to our farm," Tiki said.

At the farm, 12 year old Mumbai born Tiki realises that Planet Earth is in trouble and crying, 'Ouch!' But it isn't until his beloved pet dog, Chandi, gets very sick that Tiki starts a one boy, one monkey crusade to save the environment and the tiger.

'Ouch!' Cried Planet Earth will inform, enthrall, and inspire the reader to participate in restoring the diminishing smiles of Planet Earth.

This 183-page book is priced at Rs. 199 and is available at Oxford Book Store (Churchgate, Mumbai), and at the Strand Bookstall, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Category: 10 years and up

Publisher: Serene Woods

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 93-80112-32-9

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Come read about Bhindi Singh the sinner snake and a grasshopper whizzing through the garden like an emerald soundwave.  A witch who hates all children, a basketball-playing pony, and Ganga Din, the cat so thin and lean.  It's a place where Kalu Bhalu counts notes, and elephants fall in love with birds.

This 80-page paperback book is available for sale at Rs. 150 at Oxford Bookstore (Churchgate, Mumbai) and at Strand Bookstall in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Category: 8 years and up

Publisher: Serene Woods

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 93-80112-24-4

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Who is Maya? 

Maya is so unremarkable that she is almost a non-person. She is timid, self effacing, passionless, friendless and bad at her studies.  Whatever happened in her ten year old life so far, has been unbidden and incidental.  

No one bothers with Maya at home or at school, except Ramji, the old family retainer who adores her and understands her somewhat.   

The Mudskipper lives in the neighboring garden. He is an amphibian the size of a match stick and he loves Maya with all his might. His ever positive attitude reaches Maya through the multicolored loving vibes he constantly sends her.  Maya is a source of worry and irritation to her father Rudy, who is a businessman and a mostly absent, single parent.  Rudy leaves the running of the home and the looking after of his girls to Ramji, who grew up Janaki, his wife. Ramji looks upon Maya and her sister Priya as his own grandchildren.  

Two years older than Maya, Priya is brilliant at whatever she chooses to do. When she turns on her charm she can sneak a sunrise past a rooster. Priya has beguiled their very reluctant, hermit-like neighbor, Mr. Nayyar, taught him social skills and rechristened him Uncle Bullfrog. 


None of the mentioned characters believe in magic or witches, mainly because they have never thought along those lines. But not far from Maya’s home is a jungle, where beside a ditch lives Fa Fa Koten the Indian witch.

Fa Fa Koten is temperamental and not very adept at her spell casting. Most inadvertently, through her bungling, Fa Fa Koten creates a dream which manifests itself to Maya, turning her lackluster life on its head. 

Maya dreams of a horse called Flower and is consumed by an urgent need to look for the stable where she may be found.  Off the main road, quite close to Maya’s home is a magical riding club owned by a booming ex military man, Captain Gajendra Singh better known as the Big Captain.  Leaving behind her worries and troubles, Maya enters the gates of this new world, with the reluctant Ramji.  Encouraged by Uncle Bullfrog, the Big Captain and Ramji, it is here that Maya finds her passion and eventually vindicates herself. 


Maya is a story about the universal child. Her concerns, joy, interests and insecurities are common to all children, irrespective of time and geography. The story addresses the shy, reserved child. It speaks to the mediocre, less than brilliant majority of children who may feel that they have no motivation to drive them forward. It lets them know that they are special.  The story reiterates the knowledge the diminutive Mudskipper is born with….that life is full of promise and is made up of a series of miracles.   

This 150-page paperback book is available for sale at Rs. 150/- plus postage.


Category: 10 years and up.

Publisher: Fingerprints

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-81-901324-1-1


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“The night was black as pitch. I stumbled along, feeling the stones of the road through my soft bedroom slippers. And then, all at once, there it was. Sadhu Shiva’s cottage.”  

Timid eight year old Sheila is distressed when her boisterous Military father, Colonel Sahib is transferred to the remote town of Chirapur, in Central IndiaI felt the familiar panic rising from my tummy….I imagined Chirapur at once. It was a ghost town, with paper houses, one dimensional cardboard trees, only crows for birds and a large paper moon in the sky…”  

Sheila is somewhat reassured though, when they arrive at Chirapur.  Very unaccountably, she recognizes a cottage on the outskirts of the town and feels the illusory presence of someone she seems to have known before.

The young narrator of the story carries the reader into her world of fantasy. A world full of colourful cameos and incidents pivoting around this chimerical person, whom she thinks of, as her friend Sadhu Shiva.  

Who is the elusive Sadhu Shiva? Will Sheila ever meet him? Is he as evil as Ayaji says he is? How do Sheila’s pet monkey and Dalmatian pup know him so well?  This charming story tells it all.  

'A magical tale. A book about a regular Indian way of life, told by an irregular little girl.'

A story for children and adults alike….ideal to curl up with, along with a cup of coffee, on a rainy day.  

'Jasbinder’s black and white pencil drawings add spice to each page, feeding the senses, yet leaving room for the imagination to test its limits.' 

This 188-page paperback book is available for sale at Rs. 120/- plus postage.


Category: Books for kids

Publisher: Fingerprints

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 81-901324-0-7


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“…tales have a way of traveling across distances…strangely enough these are stories of Greek Legends….” adapted by an Indian Grandmother and narrated to her young grand daughter at significant moments in her life. 

Thus Pandora and the Whispering Box, is told as Padmini’s Folly.

“It was in one of our most haunted houses that Aruba told me the story of Padmini.” 

Persephone and the King of the Underworld is called ‘Saria and Paria.’

“Paatal decided to capture Paria and take her down to (the underworld) his kingdom…” 

The Watchman with a Hundred Eyes is told as ‘The Peacock’.

“It was a hot sultry day…I had chicken pox and was feeling peevish… ” 

There are 23 stories in all. Each one begins and ends with an autobiographical event from the author’s diary. The skill with which she weaves the stories around her personal experiences as a young girl, infuses a new life into these age old tales.  

The books have an introduction by Mulk Raj Anand.  

The illustrator of the books is Kanwar Deep.


These 88-page books are available for sale for Rs. 50/- each.


Category: Books for Kids

Publisher: Rupa & Company

Format: Paperback

ISBN :81-7167-769-X



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A to Z funny stories!


The story of J.  

Jawahar the Jackal is a joyful jalebi maker.

He wears a pair of jazzy jeans…. 

Find out why Jani the Jaguar is jealous of Jawahar’s jazzy jeans!   

Why does Koko the Kangaroo’s mother have to send him to Kindergarten?  

Why did poor Lalit Leopard’s lip become loose and lumpy?  

Join Partap and Pooja peacock at Pooja’s surprise birthday party. And much, much more!  

These sparklingly illustrated alphabet stories are told in the Indian context for pre primary and primary children. They come in a neat, easy to handle pack of six books. 

‘So funny. Most whacky. Extremely imaginative… A valuable teaching resource with an amusing tilt.’  

Dheera’s full page colour illustrations are evocative and charming. 

Each book has a few pages at the end, devoted to simple cognitive exercises which children love to do. 

Enjoy with Andy the bullied Ant eater, fly away Bela Bear, Callu Cat, the over worked Cooli, Elle the romantic elephant and twenty two other unforgettable characters in Dheera’s Fun with Alphabet Stories.


This series of 32-page books is available for sale for Rs. 225/- for the set of six.


Category: books for kids

Publisher: Navneet Publishers

Format: Pack of six books.

ISBN: 81-243-1526-4


To place an order: Navneet Publications, npil@navneet.com





Written by Dheera Kitchlu and illustrated by her, with inputs from June Mistri, Your Story is a charming booklet

created for the specific benefit of the Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare.

 “One bright calm day, you were born…” it begins and goes on to explain to the adopted toddler how special she is to her adoptive parents. (The feminine gender has been used only as a convenience).  

“Being adopted does not mean you are different in any way…” 


Your Story delights in the belief that all children are a special gift. It strives to help the adopted child grow with a conviction that she is loved, wanted and cherished. 

The note to the parents explains in detail how Your Story will help treat a sensitive issue with ease and panache. 

The booklet is presented to every adoptive parent to help them view the fact of adoption without self consciousness, since the attitude of the parents is what the child will absorb.


Category: Books for kids/parents

Publisher: IAPA

Format: Paperback

To place an order, email: iapa@vsnl.net





From Darkness to Light tells the story of acceptance, courage and a very strong will to win. The book is a labour of love, dedicated to the uncommon lives of twenty five blind women achievers who have received the Neelam Kanga award for excellence in various fields of work. 

“ I did not know much about the psyche of the blind” writes Dheera,…. “did they feel nervous? Vulnerable, trapped...The stories wrote themselves, there was no need for me to compose valorous eulogies…during the writing of this book these indefatigable ladies became my friends and were instrumental in allowing me to appreciate more deeply the human experience. 

“If new truths and different perceptions fail to emerge from within these pages, I hope it will be viewed as an inadequacy only of my expression…”


From Darkness to Light can be obtained only from the office of The National Association for the Blind, Worli Bombay, for Rs. 100/-

Email address:  nabcasbw@rediffmail.com







In the novella GOA, Smita meets an eccentric and annoying businessman Aditiya at a time in her life when she is feeling ignored by her family. This is the story of the uncanny friendship that springs up between them and the repercussions thereof.

KHOKHEE is a game two little girls play on warm afternoons, under the flaming gulmahor tree, when the family is at siesta.  Many years later, on the occasion of a wedding in the family, one of the sisters reminisces and regrets the unfortunate implications of the innocent game.

MRS. H. Is a short account of an incident in the frail life of an aged, fire brand woman.

ADOPTED CHILD is a first person account of a father stricken by Alzheimer’s Disease and the difficulty the family encounters in dealing with it.

THE COUPLE is a complicated tale which delves into the mind and background of people during the course of an ordinary rainy afternoon.

THE SCARF is a rendering about childhood aspirations, sacrifice, about maternal love and justice. It is set in an army cantonment in contemporary times.

LEELA, also a novella, is about the mysterious Lila, who through her letters suddenly appears in the life of Dr. Arun Kapoor. No one knows why she writes to him or how she found his address. This eerie story follows Arun’s journey in his obsession with the ephemeral Lila.

PIA is incomprehensible. She pops in and out of the protagonist’s life like a whiff of perfume. She is fun, romantic, warm, friendly and elusive. She impacts the life of the grouchy, boring, unhealthy protagonist until he cannot do without her purifying presence. Will the twains ever meet?

THE SALE is an amusing account of the state of property agents in New Delhi. The story describes the cross volley between a prospective property seller and the aggressive estate agents hovering around her.

KAMLA is an erstwhile professional dancer who gave up her profession, husband and friends in trying to bring up her only child in the ‘correct’ manner, only to have him break away from her stifling influence.

THE LAUNCH is set in a three star hotel on Juhu Chowpatty where Meherunissa is launching the music DVD for her would-be-star-son. Divided between the points of view of Meherunissa, her son, Kabir, her husband, Arjun and the reporter Gulab Azad, the story unfolds by slow degrees on a warm, sultry evening in Bombay.

PEACHES is a short observation on the vagaries of life. 



Id Mubarak - suitable for STD. IV  A one act play about friendship and joy and selfless love at an Id Mela.

Dusserah - For STD IV A one act play about the story of Dusserah told by Bandar Mal, the Monkey who would be king.    

The Happy Jungle - For STD I.  A one act happy little play with song, dance, and animals.

Princess Chrysanthemum - For STD IV. A musical one act play, illustrating the damage Humans can do to the environment.

Cinderella and the Prince of Pollution - For STD VI. A farcical take off on Cinderella, this one act play highlights the dangers of pollution.

The Land of Goodness Gracious- For STD V. A one act play about the Mighty Hokey Pokey bringing the rich and the spoilt to book.

The Painted Doll- For STD V A one act play about love and longing amongst toys.

Exams-  For STD V a one act play about useful ways to spend holidays.

Kamla For STD XII A one act play in Hindi about a mother’s obsession with her son.

Ek Jhalak For STD XII A one act Hindi play about anguish and relationships.