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This is my study. The place where whimsical work continuously takes place. Each day is full of wonder and gratitude for the consecutive miracles surrounding me. This Web site is one of them.

For the last ten years the Web site was a dream, remote and steeped in a fog of unattainable illusion.

Born in a slow, non-tech-savvy generation, I am not a natural technophile. Add to that certain learning disabilities and you get a fair picture of what a big deal a Web site was to me. I couldn’t even begin to understand what to think, leave alone direct someone to create a Web page for me. The few professionals I consulted added hugely to the confusion by talking from a knowledge base, the basics of which I did not understand.

Several would-be designers came, explained, got frustrated and did not return my subsequent calls.

 Every writer I knew had a blog or Web site showcasing their work. I had neither and no hope of ever having one. This sad state continued for years while the Web site monster constantly shadowed my subconscious.

 It was on a lazy Sunday that I coerced my daughter into searching the net to help me learn the secret of Web sites. We hit upon Webs.com. It promised to help at every step and seemed so easy to do that we decided to take the plunge. What could go wrong after all?

AND HERE WE ARE. The Web site is done at last. Maybe not as professional as it could have been but we muddled through and I love it. If anyone is waiting for a Web site miracle to happen, please log onto http://www.webs.com/                             

My Workshop of Whimsy was created to share my interests, creations and more. First there are my writings which can be thoroughly examined on the WRITING page. These include books, mainly for children, several of which are in print and many still in the writing. I have only one published book for adults currently, but a book of short stories in the oven right now. There are plays, poems and general musings, the descriptions of which are available on the WRITING page.

Please visit my PHOTO GALLERY to see pictures of my creations. Knitted toys, bottle art and oil paintings, inspired by my travels. The PORTFOLIO page describes what I do and why.

            Do meet me on my BLOG and share your views on my thoughts. I would love it if you sign my GUEST BOOK and tell me something about yourself.

            Please do contact me if you need any clarification on any of the products or if indeed you wish to contribute to any of the causes I root for.

            I have taught for most part of my life. I worked at a stable run by a friend in New Delhi. We taught a handful of children how to ride and what we charged them helped us to look after the four horses we had between us. When my friend left India, she offered me the ‘riding school’ which I expanded eventually to 20 horses and a membership of about a hundred children.

During this time, I also ran a school for underprivileged children at my home in New Delhi. I got a lot of help from UNICEF and the RED CROSS in this endeavor. All these children were ‘adopted’ financially, by families who saw them through high school and college and got them appropriate jobs.

In Bombay, I taught at a nursery school, before taking over as the Principal. I also worked for some years as the Assistant Directress of a Polytechnic in Bombay. Now, my life is full of the things you will read about on this Web site. Please do share your thoughts and ideas with me. Happy browsing!

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